Direct Link Tracking allows affiliates to link directly to Mitragaia's website without the need for an affiliate link.

If a visitor recognizes an affiliate link whilst on an affiliate’s site, they’ll know the affiliate will earn a commission if they click that link and purchase your product. In some instances, an affiliate link may make a visitor skeptical of your site content, and they won’t click the link. A potential customer turned off by an affiliate link could mean a missed commission for you. Visitors can’t copy and paste the link into a new window and remove their tracking parameters, because there are none!

By using Direct Link Tracking, visitors will be completely unaware of any affiliate links, greatly increasing the chance of clicking a link to our site and going on to complete a purchase. 

How does Direct Link Tracking work?

Affiliates will be able to enter their domain (or domains) into their Affiliate Area on our site. Once you submit a domain for approval, and Mitragaia approves it, you can link directly to our site, from yours, without using your referral link.

When a visitor clicks the link on your website and arrives on our site, the domain is looked up in the database. If your domain has been approved, that affiliate’s ID is stored in the browser’s cookies, just like a normal affiliate link.

If the customer then goes on to complete a purchase (or a conversion), a referral will be created for the affiliate and a commission earned. 

Important Note

  • There are certain web browsers, such as Safari on iOS, that have more restrictions. For example, when an affiliate’s site is using http:// and our site is using https://, our site may not properly detect the direct affiliate traffic. There is a workaround, however, you can instruct your affiliates to apply to their website to ensure this works properly. See this document for more detailed information: Direct Link Tracking troubleshooting