Our 20x extract is produced by infusing Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine with polar and non-polar solvents. We use a special mixture of fresh lemon juice and undiluted ethanol which is added to our carefully measured and finely ground Kratom powder. This concoction is then sealed in an airtight container and mechanically convulsed for a period of three hours.

Once our extract is fully homogenized, the sealed container is placed into a larger container. Water is then boiled separately and slowly dumped into the first container with our mix of Mitragyna Speciosa leaf and ethanol. The alcohol is left to evaporate for several minutes, producing a pressure within the first container. This container is mechanically convulsed sporadically for 30 additional minutes at 5-minute intervals.

Our mixture sits for one more hour before our team filters the leaves through an industrial grade strainer and steam-dry all leaves for a period of three hours to ensure full stabilization. The resulting extract is deconstructed into powder form using our in-house grinder.