Kratom is a botanical. This means it is a live plant and grown outdoors. Changes in seasons result in changes in growing conditions and this leads to product variety. Kratom is grown in the jungles of Indonesia and any changes in rain there can have serious effects on Kratom plants. Think of it like growing vegetables in your garden. Not every vegetable you pick will be exactly the same. This is the same with Kratom. Each batch and each bag within that batch will be slightly different. Kratom powder is made up of the entire leaf, including veins, stems, leaf and alkaloids. These are all mixed together in large bats to try and ensure the equal distribution of alkaloids through the batch, but each bag will have a slightly different level of alkaloids. 

Due to this variation, we recommend that with each new delivery that customers adjust doses. Each person has a "sweet spot" for the amount of Kratom needed. This "sweet spot" will change. Issues like tolerance, potency, changes in diet, dehydration, and other factors all have a play in how ones body reacts to Kratom. 

Mitragaia recommends micro-dosing with new orders. This is where you will take a small amount, .5g - 1g at a time, every 30 - 60 minutes. This will allow you to slowly take Kratom until you feel the effects you are looking for. Micro-dosing can also help with preventing nausea, dizziness and eye twitching. Your body is allowed to slowly break down the Kratom and not be bombarded all at one time. Customers have reported positive effects from this method and is one we highly recommend. 

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